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new year mantra mattress…gender possibilities

the goddess shiva principle: she was more terrible than any man.
what a laugh—if you really want to be strong then open up that part of you.
intelligence is not enough—you got to get hit in your pork pie soul.

what i am talking about is what a lot of people know already (especially here in berlin)!
this is not a homosexual issue as such but when we accept the wholeness in ourselves
then we become that--at least partly. we don’t need the hopeless strategies of
yesterday—the ”you complete me” bull. enhancement yes…but not a form of slavery.

slavery is everywhere, especially among the rich. that is why diana had to die—she
was a free man. slavery is an insidious thing, it even infects those who promote it.
what i’m suggesting is that the roots of slavery lie in our own inability to see the completeness in ourselves. slavery was made possible because of this imperfect
understanding. you can say some people have profited from this but it all
depends on how you define profit. they suffer under a great delusion— i wouldn’t want to
be in their shoes for a minute.

we were born complete. other people can enhance this-it’s why we love them-but they can’t
provide a substitute for our initial and beautiful solitude. we have both genders in us.
understanding this will be the end of slavery as we know it.

politics vaguely

i live in a state of selective memory so don't ask me questions...
i must hear the last pop and grind of the lp--that's why it's so great.
this is about different levels of reality. everybody in this society is on some kind of drug whether legal or not. but why must the laws be so arbitrary? sickness is just as natural a state as health but putting a mortgage on it is really sick. the fools who press their advantage until everything breaks have the mentality of fruit flies: dive in and drink up until you drown. the point is to revel in this life but avoid madness. as for our current philistines--they wouldn't recognize the second coming if it slapped them in the face. i need some color in this life but i prefer it with black honey. i am also drowning like everyone but slowly i hope.

the moon is not ice cold
it is here to stay
they say the moon is a woman
but they also say the man is in the moon.
is this a secret that we keep?

dean glandon 2-2010
text for “the body speaks in sighs and jubilation”.