in my chaos resides a golden goose
if I killed it my art would also die
so I tell myself to get organized/ get sober
and go carefully around the idea

i am very particular about the women I choose
they must have a beautiful sadness
they must be shipwrecked
like a bird with a broken wing
yes I know it is degenerate and
i should go to hell for wanting this
but there is no beauty in strength
only in details and moments
something missed only when no longer there
like a bird singing
when it isn’t

in your car in the storm
you gave me nothing
he gave you in your car in the storm what you gave me—
all or nothing—
is that where you are?
i don’t have to be anywhere
ich will not clever und reich sein
ich will not dumm und arm sein
ich will be clever und arm sein
50/50 bites an apple and is happy
a bit of sweetness is enough
times are never really tough
i don’t want to get over it
i want to get under it
just like the love down below